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The Fintech that shaped open banking

Our story

Built on the promise of Open Banking and PSD2, Yolt is on a mission to innovate and drive the financial industry forward. From early on, we worked closely with the Open Banking Implementation Entity, other TPPs, and financial institutions to shape and launch Open Banking in the UK.

In January 2018, we became the first ever Third-Party Provider to successfully make an open banking API call. Just over two years later, we have now made over 1 billion, accounting for 50% of all traffic.

Yolt CEO - Nicolas Weng Kan

Our mission has always been to accelerate the adoption of open banking.

Yolt CEO - Nicolas Weng Kan

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Our Team

Innovation is our driving force, and it’s steered by a team of experts and industry leaders. Led by CEO Nicolas Weng Kan, we’re united in our mission to innovate the financial industry through the unlimited potential of Open Banking and PSD2.

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