Let’s Build Yolt Together

Our journey began in January 2016 with one aim; Create an app to help people “Know where they’re at with their money”. A concise vision, but a big task that has taken us on quite the adventure for the past 11 months.


Our research has shown us that in today’s contactless, ‘cashless’ world, it’s tricky to keep a handle on our money. We found that young people are struggling under financial pressures that can make traditional goals hard to reach. Capitalising on the changing landscape of banking within Europe, we have created an exciting new product that takes advantage of a more open financial context to help young people reclaim control of their financial future.

The idea of collaboration was, therefore, inevitable and hugely encouraged as we set out on a quest to change the way people approach their finances. We teamed up with TAB, known for their mobile expertise, focus and hands-on approach, to refine and validate our key hypotheses for the UK market. Joining forces this way, combining a team of designers and strategists, enriched our early thinking. Working out of London and Amsterdam enabled us to prototype quickly, and connect customer feedback loops. As a result, we have together created a strong foundation based on core values and ambitions of Yolt.

Eager to know more? You can read the full story of our collaboration over on TAB’s Blog. Plus, for even more Yolt updates, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now LinkedIn too!

P.S We’re beyond excited to announce the release of Yolt Beta for Android! Want to join us on our journey? Sign up here.


Frank Jan

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