10 Feb 2017 • 3mins •

What is Beta?


Lately, some of you have been asking what ‘Beta’ means. It’s a good question and, seeing as it’s in our name, we thought we’d provide a quick lowdown for those of you seeking a better understanding. So here’s what you need to know about Beta.

First comes Alpha

When it comes to building apps, a lot of thorough testing needs to be done. Usually, software will go through two different stages of testing before it’s deemed stable and fully optimised. You may have already guessed it, but the first phase is called Alpha and the second, Beta.


So what’s the difference?

Alpha is the slightly more secretive stage. When we were ‘in Alpha’, our community was mostly made up of Yolt colleagues, friends and family. The outside world didn’t know about us yet and we just talked amongst ourselves. It’s when the product moves from Alpha to Beta that things really get interesting. Beta is the exciting stage when we’re able to open up the project to a larger, but still limited, amount of people who can use the app. In short: Alpha stays more or less within the company, whereas Beta gets other people on board too.

Why Yolt Beta?

For us, Beta is all about getting you, our early birds, involved. Your feedback is essential to the development of Yolt, as well as shaping a product that you will find both useful and enjoyable. It’s about learning and improving, flushing out the occasional bugs and inconsistencies and understanding what you like and don’t like. For you, Beta means getting to be part of a community that’s enthusiastic about creating a great app together. You can share your experiences, comments and opinions to help strengthen and improve the app. You get the chance to have a direct impact on what we go on to build. Got a great idea for a feature? Tell us! You never know, you might even find yourself testing it one day. Yes, Beta means we’ve opened up the app to a little slice of the outside world, but it’s still just you and us. We’re on this exciting journey together.

Where we’re at right now

We’re gradually rolling out Yolt Beta to our budding users and, thanks to their incredible feedback, we regularly release updates and improvements. Next time we’ll talk about some of the changes we’ve made based on your comments.

If you’d like to become part of our exclusive Yolt Beta and have your say, please sign up on our website as Yolt is not yet available in the App Store or on Google Play. It’d be great to have you on board!

Have a lovely weekend,We’re on this exciting journey together.

The Yolt Team