Get planning with Yolt’s latest Android update: Budgets

Money can be stressful. It’s hard to know where it goes, even for those who are financially astute. We weren’t all born accountants (luckily)!

Spontaneity is something which needs planning

I bought a new Laptop last week. It was top spec and everything. I just happened to walk by an Apple store which had an offer of epic proportions (roughly 5% off) and, forgetting my careful planning, decided to join the Apple generation - exciting I know.

Now don’t get me wrong, it was an impulse purchase, but without the careful budgeting over the last few months I wouldn’t have been able to afford it. Sometimes we need to be able to spend money on eating out, buying a car or going on holiday.

It was budgeting that enabled my wanton spontaneity. Because I have money set aside for such occasions, I have gained the freedom to spend on completely unneeded electronics.

Meet Yolt’s latest android update - Budgets

It’s often said that the more you budget, the better you'll feel about your money. It used to be a case of money coming in, going out, and not really knowing where to. This is why we’re super excited about launching Budgets for Android.

Let me quickly show you how to become a budgeting pro with Yolt.


1. Go to the Actions tab and select ‘Set & track your budgets’


2. Add and set the budget that works best for you. We’ll show you what you spent the previous month to get an idea of your normal spending.


3. You can then view budgets for each category. Here, you can see we’ve overspent the office groceries budget by a massive £20. Oh dear!

And that’s it. In three simple steps you can get start to get a grip on your money and spending.

Budget your way to spontaneity

So, make your own dreams happen. Decide what you really want—and set your budgets to take you there. Lots of little steps towards the things you really want mean that just maybe, when you stumble on that totally unneeded shiny new laptop, you can snatch it up.

You can now set & track your budgets in the android Yolt Beta.


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