16 May 2017 • 3mins •

Unthink Money?


Here’s a fresh update from us, to introduce our new look & feel!

Over the past few months we’ve worked closely with our beta users to build a stronger, better version of Yolt. This has resulted in new features within the app such as budgeting, monitoring your bills and looking for better energy deals. It also meant improving our models and UX to give you the best possible app out there. A lot has happened and so we felt it was time to update the way we look too.

Here’s how it looks… we’d be thrilled to hear what you think!


Unthink Money

You may have spotted our tagline: Unthink Money. Our aim at Yolt is to change the way you think about money because we believe that staying on top of your money shouldn’t be a bore. Therefore, we’re challenging the status quo of money management. Today’s world is fast paced; time flies and the world of money can be complicated. Contactless, digital, spend, save, earn, pay… the possibilities are endless. But too much information can be confusing. There should be a way to do this differently, right? To keep up with life, look ahead and enable you to move forward. That’s what we here a Yolt do. We take away the hard work, so you know where you at with your money. We aim to make managing your money clear, understandable and, dare we say, even enjoyable - so you can save time and effort to make the most of life.


This challenge, this movement, to do things differently, to change your opinion about managing money, is what we mean by ‘Unthink Money’. We are inspired by the lives of our users, of the stories you share with us and how we can create solutions based on these within our app.

Yes, it’s aspirational and yes we know that our app is still in beta, but our dreams are big. We are still very much on the journey to reaching our potential. And this gives us the energy to keep working hard in creating a truly great product for you. To fulfil our company mission to give everyone the power to be smart with their money.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey. We hope you’ll unthink money too.

We’d love to hear what you think, please drop me a note at pauline@yolt.com

Have a great day!