Building together with partners

Two exciting new partnerships

At Yolt we believe that things are best shaped together. That’s why we partner with companies who share our passion for developing customer centric solutions to offer you the smartest money app on the market. Today, we’re proud to announce two partnerships joining the Yolt journey.

The first is Runpath. With their expertise, we can offer you the ability to compare your gas and electricity bills.

As you may have noticed in the Actions Tab, Yolt gives you an overview of your bills and subscriptions across your accounts. Here, you can see when and how much you are paying for your Utilities, Gym, Netflix, Insurance,… and keep track of their renewal dates. We thought that the natural next step should then be to look for better deals on these things- to see if you could save money or get better benefits.

So, via our partner Runpath, this is now possible for your gas and electricity bills. You’re able to compare the major UK suppliers and see whether there is a more attractive offer on the market for you. On most occasions it’s easy to switch online to a new contract.

Currently, this is just the first step and I’m keen to know whether you like it, so we can improve this feature and start to compare more products through Yolt in the near future.


Our second partnership is with Moneytis. We met these guys while we were sharing an office space at the ING innovation centre in Amsterdam. The idea behind their start-up was part of the ING Innovation Studio and aims to become the of international money transfers.

Moneytis helps you find the best way to transfer money abroad quickly and inexpensively- a great asset to the Yolt platform. Currently, we’re working hard to have this feature available in Yolt for you. We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as it’s ready to start using.


On the lookout for more partners

We are always on the lookout for partners who can help shape our smart money platform. If you have a product which is a great fit for us, let’s connect. Drop us an email via and we’ll buy you the first coffee. 

Enjoy your day,
Frank Jan

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