Yolt Update: You asked, we delivered!

It’s a big day at Yolt! Today marks the release of a treasure trove of new features, from the much-anticipated tagging to a new partner!

Back in August we promised a big reveal of frequently requested features, and today we’re delivering! As we’ve said all along, the Yolt team extends beyond the borders of our London and Amsterdam offices right out into our community of amazing – and vocal—users all across the UK! With your feedback, suggestions, and constructive criticisms, here’s what we’ve delivered together…

Let’s get personal

As we’ve always said, the way you manage your money is about as personal as it gets. So, we’ve responded to your request for more personalisation over how you categorise your transactions with a few big updates:

1. New categories: 

Now you can re-categorise all those weekday lunches! That’s right – we’ve introduced nine new categories on top of the original twelve! Gone are the days of ‘drinks’ and ‘coffee’ getting lumped in with ‘eating out’ – they’ve got their own categories now! Along with education, charity, investments, internal transfers, lunch, income, and expenses.

Blog September 12 Update Image

2. #Tagging:

But here’s where it really gets fun. You can now take complete control – and artistic license – over how you organise your transactions with tags! Not only can you track your transactions according to our set categories, but you can tag and filter them with your own personalised labels. After all, your work trip to Didcot and your dream trip to Japan are two very different kinds of travel – and so are the expenditures that come with them! You can use tags to categorise anything from wedding expenses to pet purchases and then filter them in one view to keep track!. To tag a transaction just use ‘#’ followed by whatever you like – even emojis— in the ‘notes’ section of a transaction detail page. #awesome! 

3. Spending notes:

Now you can take notes in-app about your transactions, adding even more details to those awesome personalised tag! 

4. Fingerprint for Android:

It literally doesn’t get more personal than your fingerprint, so we’ve added the long-awaited fingerprint login for Android. Thumbs up!

Meet our new partner…

Moneytis: Compare providers and send money abroad!

Moneytis is officially our second partner, and they’re here to enable you to compare exchange rates for transferring money internationally. We’re so excited to add them to the Yolt experience– and we really hope you’ll love them too. Check it out in the ‘Actions’ tab and let us know what you think! 

Bonus update: Better Budgeting!

We’ve also made some improvements to your budgets, so they’re clearer and easier to monitor than ever.

That’s all for this round, but we hope you’re as excited as we are with the latest updates. And now, we’re off to start working on the next release!

Have an idea that will make Yolt even better? Please share them with us hello@yolt.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

The Yolt Team

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