23 Mar 2018 • 3mins •

Yolt and Monzo have hooked up


Since launch, we’ve made it our mission to learn fast and evolve alongside your requests and suggestions – and there have been a lot! You’re a community who knows what they want, and we find that totally inspiring. That’s why we’re super excited about today. As of March 23rd, you can officially track your Monzo spending with Yolt! That’s right – Yolt and Monzo have officially hooked up!

The hot topic of 2017

Early on, the requests started pouring in: you wanted Yolt and Monzo in sync, together! You played an integral role in bringing this exciting connection to life, from getting the conversation started on Twitter to keeping it alight right up until today. Together, we’ve made it happen. So, for that, thank you!

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While Monzo focused on current accounts and we focused on our topbar makeover, the conversation continued. After several months of chatting with users and Monzo themselves, everything finally aligned perfectly from all sides. With Open Banking fresh off the press, and Monzo’s brand new API in hand, we got to work. Thanks for your patience while we worked behind the scenes, and a big thanks to everyone who helped us with all of the testing and general bug squashing!

(If you’re interested in helping out with testing new feature releases, please let us know. As we said, Yolt is fueled on your amazing ideas and suggestions, and, with an ambitious year ahead, we’re always looking for fresh eyes and opinions. You can get in touch with our community team here.

A connection fueled on innovation and collaboration

Monzo is the second digital bank to join the Yolt repertoire. Back in November, we connected with Starling Bank via API integration. Back then, when Open Banking was still months away, all of us at Yolt were completely thrilled and humbled to put this innovative approach to finance into practice. (You can read more about the tech behind Yolt here and here).

Even more humbling than the connection itself, was the sense of excitement bubbling up from within the Yolt and Starling communities, as people took to Twitter to share their first impressions. We hope that the Monzo community is just as happy with the new link-up – we can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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Here’s how to connect your Monzo account to Yolt

OK, we’ll stop gushing now and get to the important stuff – syncing up your Monzo account and getting started!

Step 1: Open the Accounts tab in Yolt and tap the ‘+’ icon in the top right

Step 2: Tap ‘View all’ and select Monzo from the list

Step 3: Tap ‘confirm’ at the bottom of the screen. You’ll then be redirected to a Monzo page, where you can authorize connection to Yolt.

Step 4: Monzo will send you a handy email with a confirmation link. Just click the link and you’re done! You should then see Monzo in your Yolt account!

That’s it – you’re up and running. Enjoy!

We can’t wait to hear what you think! Let us know on Twitter by tweeting us at @GetYolt!