13 Apr 2018 • 4mins •

7 awesome apps that empower you to do more


From your money to your mind, we’ve put together a handy quick list of some of our favourite tech to empower you in life, so you can go and enjoy what really matters!

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1. Do more with your time with Forest

You can’t squeeze more hours into the day, but there are ways to do more with what you have. Forest is a fantastic productivity app with a big mission – to enable you to get more done with your day. Built on the principles of the Pomodoro Technique, Forest uses a timer to break down your work into achievable intervals. But it comes with a nature-themed twist: You plant trees and let them grow over 10-minute to 2-hour time slots. The more productive you are, the larger your forest will become. You can also set challenges with friends and even plant real trees by smashing your productivity goals.

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2. Do more for your future with PensionBee

It can be hard finding the time to plan for the present let alone the future, but if there’s one part of your life you’d like to do more with, it’s the years ahead! So, give your future self a hand and take a look at PensionBee! This handy Fintech combines your pensions – old and new—so you can do more with your retirement. Just pick a plan, share a bit of info about your previous pensions, and get started – PensionBee will take care of the hard work! Even better - you can add your PensionBee account to Yolt and see your pension alongside your other accounts!

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3. Do more on your holiday with Snaptrip

In our recent survey, most people said they’d rather spread their annual holiday budget over a few long weekends than one big trip. But whether you’re planning your next mini break or your next great escape, there always seems to be too much trip, not enough budget. That’s why we love Snaptrip! This handy travel platform boasts up to 60% off on holiday rentals across the United Kingdom, so if you’re looking to do more on your next holiday, check them out for some fantastic deals!


4. Do more with your savings with Plum

If you’re looking to do more with your saving plan – or get started with one altogether, check out Plum! Powered by AI technology, this handy messenger bot helps you build your savings through friendly Facebook messaging and a little automation wizardry. Just connect your bank account and every day Plum will analyse your transactions, income, expenses and spending patterns. Then it uses this knowledge to calculate how much to save and moves small amounts to your savings every few days. Check it out here.

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5. Do more for your mind with Peak

If you’re looking to do more day-to-day, one of the best places to start is your mind itself! There are lots of great brain-training apps out there, but we love Peak! This handy app pushes your cognitive skills with stimulating brain games – or ‘workouts.’ And with the help of Peak’s in-app Coach, you can strengthen your brain power through games that test your focus, memory, problem solving, and mental agility. Don’t worry if all that brain-training sounds a bit daunting – we can attest that the games are also pretty fun!

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6. Do more for your heart with Couch to 5K

There’s doing more for your mind, and doing more for your body, too. That’s why we love the Couch to 5K app! Created by the NHS, this handy running app is all about empowering us to do more for our health, step by step. Each run comes with a motivating podcast, letting you know when to walk and when to run, until, eventually, you can run your first 5k by the end of your 9th week! Another reason we love this app? It’s free! With unused gym memberships costing the average Brit over £564 a year, we think doing more for your health shouldn’t come with a price tag!

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7. Do more with your money with Yolt

At Yolt we want to empower each and every person to do more with their money, so they can reach their goals and enjoy life to the fullest. Whether that’s saving up for an epic holiday, hanging out with friends, or planning for your dream home, Yolt’s here to take the hard work away with better budgeting, smart insights on your spending, and deal finding! Just sync your bank accounts to get started– Yolt will take it from there! You can get Yolt for free on iOS and Android here.

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