Seven smart Fintechs to take your money further

From international exchange to pension planning, the Fintech scene offers a wealth of empowering tools to take your money further. So, we’ve put together a handy quick list of cool Fintechs to try for yourselves!


1. Invest your spare change with MoneyBox

From coffee breaks to takeaways, we know all those daily purchases add up! This handy app makes investing a cinch, by rounding up those purchases to the nearest pound and investing the change into either a Lifetime ISA, Stocks & Shares ISA, or General Investment Account. Just connect a bank account and you’re on track to start investing in thousands of companies, from Netlflix to Disney. Get all the details here! Capital at Risk.


2. Save up with Plum

If you’d rather go the savings route, Plum is another fantastic Fintech to try out. Powered by AI technology, this handy messenger bot helps you build your savings through Facebook messaging and a little automation magic. To get started, connect a bank account and every day Plum will analyse your transactions, income, expenses and spending patterns. Then it uses this knowledge to calculate how much to save and moves small amounts to your savings every few days.

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3. Send and spend money abroad with TransferWise

A fantastic Fintech for globetrotters the world over! Now available in 59 countries, TransferWise makes it easier than ever to send money abroad. Better yet, TransferWise also makes it more cost effective, cutting out any bank fees you’d accrue through traditional money exchanges. Their borderless account also lets you top up in different currencies, so you can save on your spending in different countries!

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4. See your pensions clearly with PensionBee

A lot of us don’t like planning too far into the future, but when it comes to your money, it’s one of the best things you can do. Cue PensionBee! This handy bit of Fintech lets you combine your pension pots – old and new—so you can see your total pension balance together on any device, making it easier to plan ahead for retirement. Just pick a plan, share a bit of info about your previous pensions, and get started – PensionBee will take care of the hard work!

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5. Reward yourself with YoYo

This handy payment app makes it easy to earn rewards at participating retailers and restaurants. Just link your bank account to the app, then use your Yoyo account to pay for coffees, lunches and more. You’ll collect points, stamps and vouchers for every single pound or cent spent! Check it out here.


6. Invest easily with Wealthify

If you’re interested in investing, but feeling daunted, this could be the Fintech for you! With a mission to make investing easy and affordable, this robo-advisor uses a little automation wizardry to manage your investments for you. Just let them know your risk level and how much you’d like to invest, then Wealthify takes it from there. They’ll build a Personal Investment Plan and monitor it every day behind the scenes. Learn all about Wealthify here. Capital at risk.

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7. Do more with your money with Yolt

At Yolt we want to empower each and every person to do more with their money, so they can reach their goals and enjoy life to the fullest. Whether that’s saving up for an epic holiday, hanging out with friends, or planning for your dream home, Yolt’s here to take the hard work away with better budgeting, smart insights on your spending, and deal finding! Just sync your bank accounts to get started– Yolt will take it from there! You can get Yolt for free on iOS and Android here.

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