Community Catchup Double Feature: June and July

Things have been heating up all summer, so, for this Community Catchup, we’ve got a double feature! From our first ever Yolt meetup to a fantastic Fintech Week, get all of the big news and highlights from an exciting June and July.

Finding finspiration in our community

June and July have been all about Finspiration –that buzz of inspiration you get whenever someone smashes their money goals! There’s quite a lot of it here in the Yolt community, so we went out and met up with some of you to hear – and share – your motivational stories! Get to know business owner, Arran; globetrotter, Fariya; recent grad, Viktoria; and new dad, Wayne – we shared their stories on the blog!

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A fan-favourite feature was launched

One of the best feelings here at Yolt HQ is launching a feature that our community really wants. So, launching our new ‘Rename Transaction’ feature last week was super exciting. You’re now able to name your transactions whatever you like – especially helpful when all those money transfers from your friend Mark keep getting labelled as “Marks & Spencer”! Have a hilariously mis-named transaction? Share them with the community on Twitter!

Make sure you’re using the latest version of Yolt to enjoy this new feature!

A fantastic Fintech Week

London was abuzz with Fintech Week back in early July, and, as ever, it was super exciting to get involved with all of the great conversation, debates, and discussions. From our History of Fintech video to our tip-top list of favourite Fintechs, have a look through some of our own highlights during a great week!

Banking Then And Now

Two Unthink Tanks on building your brand and business

Whether you’re kickstarting your business or hustling on the side, we held two fantastic Unthink Tanks to get the inspiration flowing – and your business off the ground! First, branding guru, Otegha Uwagba, joined us at Runway East to Kickstart Your Personal Brand. From owning your voice and what you’re good at it, to not being afraid to know your worth, it was a super inspirational night.

A month later, online community expert, Angelica Malin, joined us at Rise London to Rebuild the Business Blueprint in the digital age. With some top tips on everything from social media to SEO, everyone ended the night ready to "boss the internet.” Our friends from Scriberia captured both talks in these brilliant illustrations – get the highlights from both talks below!

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We held our first community meetup – stay tuned for more!

Rewind another month and we’re back at our first ever community meetup at the beginning of June. We’re on a mission to build Yolt with you – our amazing community. One way we’re doing that is hosting the occasional get-together, so we can chat, face-to-face, about the stuff you really want in the Yolt app. Over pizza and drinks – and a roaring round of table tennis – we had a tonne of great conversation around our upcoming payments feature. Obviously, we’ve declared the night a huge success, so stay tuned for more news on Yolt payments and an invite to our next meetup this autumn.

That’s a wrap!

June and July were super exciting, but we can’t wait to get stuck in to August. We’ve got some exciting announcements ahead, so stay tuned for more news this summer and into autumn.

P.S. If you've been loving Yolt, we'd love to hear about your experience! Shoot us a message at to share your story.

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