Meet Yolt Connect, your personal money eco-system

We kick-started Yolt 18 months ago, and it’s been an epic journey so far. We’ve leapt from milestone to milestone, redesigning the Yolt Top bar and Dashboard, releasing fan feature favourites – from spending charts to Guides – and spreading our Unthink Money mantra across the Channel into France and Italy.

We’re also proud to have teamed up with some fantastic fellow fintechs and connected with them in app. All of these connections mean you can now do even more with Yolt. In a few taps, you can look for offers across energy and international money transfers, browse home and life insurance catered to you, and see your combined pensions – all in Yolt! But this is just the beginning. Now, we’re excited to take the next step and share our vision for the future of our Actions Tab, our new connections hub: Meet Yolt Connect.

Yolt Connect

Meet Yolt Connect

Yolt Connect extends beyond your run of the mill marketplace, because we’re building it together, with you and for you. It’s a place to grow. To build. To progress. Want to know what sort of insurance you need? How to prepare for the future? Or ways to save money and to get rewarded for things you’re already doing? All of that can take time and effort. Time and effort better spent elsewhere. As always, Yolt’s on a mission to take away the hard work when it comes to your money, and your life.

First, we listen and learn from you, the Yolt community, to find out what you want and need next (you can learn more about how we do that and how to get involved here).Then Yolt Connect cherry-picks products and services that could save you time, effort and maybe even money, too. It offers you opportunities. Things you might not have even thought about. Easier ways to do things you had thought about. It’s about connecting you with experts who know what they’re talking about, who can get you to where you want to be. Not just when it comes to money, but when it comes to life too. Yolt Connect gives you the choice and the power to do more.

What’s next?

As we said, this is just the beginning. We’ve changed a lot since day one, but there’s even more to come. Yolt Connect is about you – it’s about empowering you to do more, with your money and your life. This next stage in the Yolt journey is shared with you: Who would you like us to connect with next? No idea is too crazy. Share them with us here or join the conversation by tweeting us at @getyolt!

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