12 Jun 2019 • 2mins •

Everything you need to know about: Total balance


Nestled neatly on the Topbar of your dashboard is one of our most popular features - Total Balance. We created this feature so you're able to see where you're at (with all of your money) in one simple overview. Our mission isn't only to provide peace of mind when it comes to your finances, we also want to motivate and inspire you to shape your financial future. So, whether it's a new car, a dream getaway or simply creating a plan to make it through the month, Total Balance provides clarity on all of your selected accounts, giving you the freedom to decide how and where to spend your money.

Your money, your way!

Let's face it, money is everywhere, so why not make it work for you? For most people, becoming a millionaire isn't life's main goal (although it would be nice). We've discovered that more common goals include; becoming financially flexible, making the most out of life's valuable moments and to be more in control of unexpected expenses and investment opportunities like supporting a loved one or even changing career paths to pursue your passion.

It can often be difficult to make sense of traditional banking terms and jargon, so we've made sure that the design of the Topbar and Total Balance detail page is very simple and straightforward - showing you the information that's most relevant to you. We also wanted to take the feature one step further by offering insights into upcoming payments as well as giving you the power to choose which accounts to include in your Total Balance calculation.

Let's create Yolt, together

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