02 Jul 2019 • 2mins •

Understanding Yolt Categories


Like fine wine (or small talk at networking events), getting a grip on your finances is a skill that improves over time. When it comes to budgeting, it's not only about how much you set aside, but deciding what you want to spend your hard-earned money on. Whether it's Personal care, Transport or Groceries, our Categories feature shows you where you could potentially save and where you might be able to allocate a bit of extra money.

Ok, so how do I see it in action?

You can view your transactions arranged by category in two ways. The first is by scrolling down to the 'Top categories' insight card on your Yolt dashboard. Simply tap to 'view all' and a list of categories containing this month's transactions will appear before you. The second way to see your spending neatly organised, is via the Transactions tab. As soon as you tap on the icon, you'll see a screen detailing your categories in order of highest to lowest spend. Plus we've added the ability to view previous months as well as the upcoming debits to give you a better overview of your spending patterns!

Yolt learns from you

Although seeing is believing, at Yolt, we're all about actions! Not only are you able to view your transactions in their categories, but we've created the possibility for you to re-categorise them too. Perhaps you've spotted a transaction that has ended up in the "General" bucket instead of "Housing". No worries, just navigate to the Categories screen, tap on the category, find the transaction and open it. Tap on the category icon in the description, and the option to change category will be presented. Select your preferred category (there are over 20 to choose from) and voila! If there are similar transactions, you also have the option to bulk change transactions! The more you recategorise, the better Yolt becomes at organising your income and outgoings.

Can't find the right category? Read up on our tagging feature for a more personalised approach to tracking your transactions, from #pets to #wedding.

Surprised at how much you're spending on shopping? Or thinking of decreasing your drinks budget? Perhaps you have a few top tips for categorising? Join the conversation and share your experience on Twitter at @getyolt! If you're yet to download the app, get Yolt for free, give it a go and let us know what you think!