Everything you need to know about: Account aggregation

If Yolt were a person, account aggregation would be the heart. Simply put, it's a technology that securely compiles information from different financial accounts, including current accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards into a single place (aka the accounts tab). The rest of the app is carefully crafted around this functionality and each feature works to provide an engaging and empowering experience. Learn more about the new and exciting developments in Open Banking and the power of Application Programming Interface (or APIs for short) - We've written all about this over here.

OK, so how do I use it?

Once you've registered, your real Yolt journey begins by adding your first bank account or credit card. Make your way to the Accounts tab to add your first account. There are dozens banks and institutions that you can sync with Yolt. If yours is on the list, select it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. You'll need to enter specific credentials depending on the bank or institution - you can check what information is required here. If you don't see your account, you can request it in the app by heading to the Settings page through the Accounts tab. Just tap on Contact Yolt and then tap 'I'd like to request a bank'.

Reinventing the wheel (of fortune)

You know that frustration of logging into several apps and accounts just to stay on top of your finances? Yolt's account aggregation is all about eliminating that for good. But it's about more than that - it's designed around how you think and interact with money on a daily basis. So, this core Yolt feature plays a big part in many of the app's other features, from your Total balance to Smart insights throughout the app. Once your accounts have been successfully connected we'll apply a bit of magic and crunch some numbers in order to provide valuable information on your current spending and savings habits and even upcoming payments! These gems are scattered throughout the app whether you're scrolling down the dashboard, tracking transactions or even setting budgets. We aim to make managing your money clear, understandable and, dare we say, enjoyable — so you can save time and effort to make the most of life.

Have an idea that will make Yolt even better? Please share them with us hello@yolt.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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