20 Sep 2019 • 2mins •

Everything you need to know about: Stealth mode


We all know the problem - you’re waxing lyrical about Yolt to a friend, telling them all about how the app has changed the way you manage your money. They’re interested - they want to be better with money too. They ask if you can show them what Yolt does, but here’s the problem: If you give them the tour, you’re also displaying your own finances. Awkward.

But the great news is that you can show off your your Yolt app and still keep your money hidden, with Stealth mode! Stealth mode turns all of your money into a different currency and randomises each amount so that no one can see what you’ve been spending, or what’s in your account.

Ok, so how do I use it?

If you’re an iOS user, it’s simple! Just shake your phone like a polaroid picture (or just shake it side to side), and stealth mode will be activated. Make sure you have the latest version of the app though, otherwise you might have a version where this feature isn’t available.

If you’re an Android user you’ll need to go into your settings in your Yolt app and move the slider to activate Stealth mode.

When you’re finished showing off Yolt, click on the banner at the top of the screen to deactivate Stealth mode and have your information display as normal.

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