01 Nov 2019 • 3mins •

Everything you need to know about: Subscriptions


At Yolt, we love a surprise, but when it comes to managing money we're a huge fan of a spoiler-alert. Don't get us wrong, we like to have fun with finance, but we also believe that transparency is key to staying in control of your cash. It's always been our mission to provide useful insights about your spending, and our subscriptions tracker is just one of the ways we're able to do that! To give you a better understanding of your monthly outgoings, we designed this feature to recognise recurring transactions from specific merchants, automatically flag them as subscriptions and predict future payments.

How do I view my subscriptions?

Head over to the Actions tab (the second icon on the menu bar), tap on the 'Track bills' block and you'll see a list of your direct debits and other committed spending, in date order. In one overview, you can see what's coming up, how much you'll pay and (perhaps most importantly) when the money is scheduled to leave your account.

Want another way to view your subscriptions? Sure thing! That's where your handy Total balance comes in. To navigate there, head to your dashboard (the first icon on the menu bar) and then tap the blue bar at the top of your screen. From here you can select which accounts you'd like to track as well as the option to include or subtract upcoming payments from your total balance calculation. Just above your total balance, you'll see a line that says "upcoming payments", give it a tap and your bills and subscription will be visible there too — depending on the accounts you've selected.

How do I manage or edit a subscription?

Spotted a transaction that you'd like to set as a subscription? No worries, just scroll to the last payment you made to that merchant, tap on it to open it up and you'll see three dots in the top right corner of the screen. From the edit menu, you'll be able to 'Mark as subscription'. Here you can update or add a custom description, correct the predicted amount, select the payment cycle as well as set a renewal date.

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