19 Nov 2019 • 2mins •

Revolut is now available in Yolt


Here at Yolt, we’re proud of the fact that our app is driven by our community. We love hearing which new features and connections you’d find most useful, rather than us dictating how the app should work for you. That's why we're so excited to announce that our most-asked-for connection ever, with thousands of requests, has now been launched in the Yolt app! That's right - today we give you… drum roll… Revolut!

How is Revolut different?

Revolut accounts are a little different to the other bank account's you’ll have in Yolt, as they have pots for pounds and other currencies. The idea is that you can swap back and forth between them depending on the currency you’re using with no extra charges for converting your money. Excellent!

How will this work in the app?

All of these pots are viewable in your Accounts tab in the Yolt app, but they’ll be in slightly different places. The Revolut account that shows pound sterling will sit in your Current Account list. Pots for your other currencies, however, will be shown in a new section called Foreign currency, which will sit under your Savings Accounts list.

How do I set it up?

In your Accounts tab, scroll down to the ‘Add or customise account’ button. Scroll down and tap on Revolut. This will take you through to an external Revolut screen, where you’ll need to enter your details. You’ll be sent a security code by SMS - once you’ve entered this, you’ll be redirected back into the app and, voila, your accounts synced up!

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