26 Nov 2019 • 2mins •

Everything you need to know about: Dashboard 2.0


The measure of intelligence is the ability to change, Albert Einstein once said, and our smart money app is no exception. Here at Yolt, we’re always striving to make the best app there is to manage your money, and to give you the right insights that will empower you to do more with it. With these goals in mind, we’ve made a couple of tweaks to your Yolt dashboard that we think you’re going to like!

Sleek new insights

Ok, we’ll be the first to admit it; some of our previous insights may have been a little clunky. But not any more. Our dashboard is now sleek and paired-back, giving you a top-line look at the information that you actually need on your home screen, which means that you can take them all in at a glance.

We know that the thing you use Yolt for the most is the account balance functionality so, to give you faster access to the information you need, we’ve now included your account list as part of the dashboard. And are you one of our many users who requested your category spending to be presented as a pie chart? Well, don’t say we never give you anything!

So what’s new?

With our new Dashboard 2.0 insights, you’ll:

  • Be able to see how much you have left to spend, with the figure broken down into a daily spend allowance
  • See your account list on your landing page, so you’ll be able to clearly see exactly how much you have in each account
  • See your outgoings compared to last month or, if you have a budget set up, see how much you have left
  • Get an insightful pie-chart breaking down your category spend, as well as your category budget breakdowns
  • See your total savings, as well as your savings account breakdowns

Got any more ideas for useful insights in Yolt? Let us know! You can share your thoughts with the Yolt community by tweeting @getyolt!