26 Nov 2019 • 6mins • Nadia Cheung

Yolt dashboard 2.0: All the insights behind our new changes


The Yolt dashboard has a fresh new look - and it’s now smarter than ever! That’s right - we’re bringing you even more insights, and they’re presented in a visual format that makes your spending clearer and your money easier to understand.

But how and why have we decided to show this information on your Yolt home screen? And what was the thinking behind the new look and feel? Our designers answered these big questions and gave as a whistle-stop tour of what’s new - and a bit of a sneak peek into what’s coming up next in your smart money app...


Why have we made these changes?

Ultimately, the dashboard set up wasn’t delivering all of the information our users needed and wanted. People would skip straight to the accounts tab to see their money, and not take in the information laid out in the opening page.

Luckily, we have a super active and vocal community of testers and fintechers here at Yolt. So, we did some research through a series of user surveys to find out more- straight from the source. Over 1000 responses confirmed our suspicions. Our dashboard - the first thing you see when you open the Yolt app - wasn’t reflecting all of our users' real-world money needs.

And so, we’ve changed it.

Through user insights, feedback, surveys and testing, we’ve gathered enough feedback to get an idea of what our users really wanted. Change hasn’t happened overnight - It’s been a process of working with user insights and suggestions; of experimenting with visuals and data output; of late nights, head scratches, and, thankfully, a few light-bulb moments.

We obviously wanted to get it right before we rolled it out to our one million registered users, and so, as ever, we relied on testing and learning. We tested thoroughly with different batches of real Yolt users and we were excited to learn that over 80% of our testers gave the new dashboard a big, positive thumbs up! Dashboard 2.0 was officially born.

So what can Yolt users expect from Dashboard 2.0?

First of all, you’ll be getting more visuals with the new dashboard! One thing that came up time and time again in our testing sessions and surveys, was a need for more visualisation. We’ve had lots of requests for spending charts, and we’ve delivered: Your new spending pie chart gives you a clear breakdown of your spending across your top categories. And, of course, you can also view this alongside your spending history bar charts for each category. We’ve moved these from the dashboard to the category view of your Transactions tab.

The feedback from our research also showed that users wanted an easier way to track their budget, so we’ve released a new line graph that shows when you’re reaching your spending limit - or when you’re over it! We’ve also added visual indicators of how much is left to spend in your category budgets too, so at a glance you’ll know if you can afford to treat yourself to that new sweater or splurge on those concert tickets this month.

This increased focus on visualisation also extends to your connected accounts. That’s right - they feature on the new dashboard, too! You can now see exactly how much money you have your top three connected accounts, along with their overall totals - as soon as you log in to the app. Our Custom payday feature has also been incorporated into the dashboard, so you’ll know exactly how much you have left until your next payday, as well as what upcoming bills to expect - and when.


How have our users helped drive the new features?

Our community is our feedback loop. Yolt users drive actual change, and we can see the results of their suggestions directly in the app in numerous instances, such as with suggested bank connections and features such as Payday. Dashboard 2.0 is yet another example of user-led change.

We interact with the Yolt community at numerous touch-points; from our Yolt Heroes Facebook group to our real-life meet-ups, and our in-app customer service channels where users can vote features up or down and email the team their comments. We’re also available to reach across our social media channels, via email and through the user testing and feedback surveys that we conduct with our amazing user base.

All of the new features in the dashboard were directly requested by our users through one channel or another, and the dashboard has been tried, tested and approved by real life Yolt users.


How have these changes been made?

In order to bring you the new and improved Dashboard 2.0, we had to create something new from scratch. Every line of code behind Dashboard 2.0 is new, and though it might have taken a little longer than just, say, a tweak here and there to the old one, it gave us the opportunity to future-proof the new dashboard. All this new code will be easier to build on, and will potentially enable us to act faster on any changes and improvements our users need as the Fintech and banking landscapes continue to evolve.

What’s next for the app?

We’ve got some exciting projects in the pipeline, including a much requested new categories model. As we’ve seen from the Dashboard development, we’re always working on improving the app. Though it might take a little bit of time, it’s only because we’re trying to make it perfect behind the scenes before we roll it out to our users, so watch this space!

If you have any questions about how the new platform works, or any suggestions for how we could improve our smart money app, email us at at hello@yolt.com, we always love to hear from you! And, of course, join our Facebook testing group, Yolt Heroes, for early-access to new features and the chance to help us build the future of fintech.