29 Jan 2020 • 2mins •

How to split the bill with your friends


Ah, splitting the bill. Is there a quicker way to make what had been a nice evening with friends into one big awkward maths session? You might have just agreed to split the bill evenly between you all, but then that one person pipes up with ‘I just had the bowl of cucumber mush.’ Suddenly you’re back to square one, trying to track down exactly who had what.

Well, while we can’t help you with those awkward conversations of whether you split it equally or everyone just pays for what they ate, your Yolt app can at least take the pain out of requesting – and transferring – the money. No need to have to chase up friends who ‘totally forgot’ they owed for their share of the fondue; you can request – and receive – the money right there at the table. You can split the bill between as many people as you need, so there’s no anxiety about having to remember who you need to chase up later.

How does it work?

Simply go into the Transactions tab in your Yolt app and tap on the payment you’d like to be reimbursed for. In the transaction details you’ll see a Split option, so tap this.


You’ll then have the option to set how much money you’re requesting, how many people you want to split it between, and to remind your friends what it’s for. You can then make your request via text, airdrop, email – any way you like! Then just sit back and watch the money roll in.

A friend has requested money from me – how do I pay them?

This is super simple too! You just need to tap the link, go to Yolt to check the details, such as the amount and recipient that the money should be transferred to, and press "Pay". The Payment form should be already pre-filled, and it’s important to remember that the user receiving the payment request should already have one bank added to Yolt Pay so that they can receive the money!

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