18 May 2020 • 1mins •

Connect multiple accounts from supported banks


Getting a proper overview of all your money can be tough – especially when you have multiple accounts with one bank, but each has different login details.

To make things a little easier, we’ve been hard at work developing our new iOS feature: connect multiple accounts from one bank.

So, if you have a personal account in your own name, a joint account with your partner, and one you share with friends, family or flatmates (for household bills, maybe), you can now connect them to Yolt and see all your money in one place. Even if each account has different login details.

How does it work?

Looking to connect multiple accounts from the same bank? All you have to do is open Yolt, head to the Accounts tab and tap “Add or customise accounts”.

We’re always looking to make Yolt even better, so if you’ve got a feature you’d like to see in the app, we’d love to hear your ideas. Drop us a line at hello@yolt.com to get the conversation going.