04 Jun 2020 • 2mins •

Add an offline account


Seeing all your money in one smart-thinking app’s pretty great, right? But what happens if you have an account with a provider we don’t support (at least yet, that is)? Do you have to go back to switching between lots of different banking applications to get your money’s complete story?

Not at all, thanks to our latest iOS feature You can now include an offline account to Yolt, so you can continue to keep an eye on all your finances in a single, consolidated place!

How does it work?

If you have a savings, current or credit card account with a bank we don’t support yet, you can now manually add its value to Yolt. All you have to do is make sure you're running the latest version of Yolt on iOS, then go to the Wallet tab and scroll down to Add or customise accounts.

Click the “Add an offline account” button, and you’ll be able to fill in all your account’s details (but you won't be able to add a logo).

It’s worth remembering though that offline accounts don’t sync automatically, so they won’t show up in your dashboard or spending insights. You’ll need to update their values manually for those to reflect accurately, too!

We’re making our way through our user wish-list at the moment, working to get your most-requested features into the app. Got something you’d like to see in Yolt? We’d love to hear your suggestion: just drop us an email at hello@yolt.com!