04 Aug 2020 • 3mins •

Yolt is evolving to help you grow your savings in these uncertain times


We’re living in a period of change – and nothing’s untouched. From how you spend time with friends and family to how you spend your money, over the last few months everything’s transformed.

That’s why we’re announcing some changes to Yolt too…

Spending smart was only the beginning…

We’re three years into our mission to empower everyone to be smart with their money. It all started with giving you one clear view of your finances so you could spend smart, budget better and do more.

Now, we want to help you go one step further. To stretch your money, so you can save for the things that really matter. All the features you know and love will still be a part of the app – so you can still connect your accounts and look for deals – but we’re growing Yolt’s offering so you can grow your savings. That’s why we’ll soon be launching a suite of new features designed to help you save easily, every day.

Why now?

Over the last few months, your relationship with money might’ve changed. You may have less to spend than before. You might be saving for new priorities. You could even be trying to save for the first time ever.

However, you’re holding up during this tricky time, we know that 61% of people wanted to create a saving plan during lockdown, but didn’t manage to save.* That’s why it’s time for Yolt to evolve.

We know there are different barriers when it comes to saving, from staying motivated to having the right knowledge to having the funds.

And that’s how we hope to help, by tackling those different barriers personal to you, so you can reach your equally personal goals. Whether that’s freeing up money for a safety net, stashing some cash for Christmas or saving for that house deposit a few years down the road. We think spending smart and saving money are both more important than ever, and we want to make them achievable for everyone. That’s at the heart of the changes we’re making to Yolt.

We want to help as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for our biggest ever update

We’ve decided to kick off with iOS first – just because we’re further along with its development. We want to start helping as many people as possible, as soon as possible. Android’s not too far behind.

Our community’s at the heart of everything we do, so we’ll be working together to squash every bug and perfect every feature.

Our biggest update ever is almost ready to go. Keep an eye on your app, we'll let you know as soon as it's your turn to upgrade.

We can’t wait to move forward together.

Source: 61% of respondents claimed to have considered saving money/making a savings plan during Covid-19 crisis; the majority made no changes to either their long term (59%) or short term (56%) savings plans, and 45% claimed not to have seen any changes in their savings habits since Covid-19. Yolt Consumer Saving Survey, July 2020. 800 respondents.