09 Dec 2020 • 5mins • Serena

Get to know the Yolt Customer Care resources


We’re not practically perfect in every way (yet), and there could be bumps on the road. If you think you’ve come across a bug or just need help navigating through the app, you can find us here:

1. Check out our in-app FAQs

We’ve updated our FAQs so that you can easily find answers to commonly asked queries.

Head to our in-app help centre from the Wallet tab > Settings cog (that’s in the top-right corner) > Tap on FAQs & Contact.

Here you’ll find help and troubleshooting tips on pretty much all topics, from the Yolt Card to questions on your connected bank accounts and much more. Browse through our questions and tap on the ones that are relevant to your query.

2. Monitor our live status page

Our Status page is the go-to place for checking any known issues and bugs on the app. Here we’ll post updates and news which affects our services. Set an alert to be notified about a bug and we’ll let you know when it’s been fixed.

3. Ask our community

Join the Yolt Heroes Facebook group, a vibrant community made of 2000+ users ready to share inside tricks. Check if your issue has been raised by any other Hero – if not, add yours.

4. Get in touch

Haven’t quite found the answer yet? Our Customer Care Team are always happy to chat. We’re here to help, as smoothly, quickly and efficiently as we can.

And there’s an easy way to get you to the right person for your problem. Contact us via the in-app Settings page > FAQs & Contact > Contact Yolt and select the issue you’re having, then we’ll point you to the team for you. And we’ve made sure that we can quickly address your most urgent queries, with pre-populated subject lines that give us a glimpse of what issues our users are experiencing.

It’s always best to get in touch via the app. But if that’s not possible, pop us an email at hello@yolt.com.

The email team are great for:

• Questions about the app’s functionalities

• Suggestions and feedback on our features

• Queries about one of your connected bank accounts

• Issues with verifying your identity on Yolt

• Topping up your Yolt account via a debit card

• Security and privacy questions

• Complaints

Our emails are monitored Mon-Fri from 9am to 5pm, and we aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours. Need out of hours help? Not to worry, we also have on-duty stand-by heroes patrolling our systems 24/7 so we’ll be able to pick up and quickly react to major incidents.

Or call us on 0800 130 3060

Our phone lines are open 24/7. Give us a call for issues with:

• Payments with your Yolt Card

• Topping up your Yolt Account via bank transfer

• Lost, stolen or damaged Yolt Card

Pro tip #1: Have your Yolt account details ready so that we can safely identify you in our systems.

Pro tip #2: You can also mark your card as lost, stolen or damaged in-app from the Card settings. It’s quicker then calling, but we’re here if you need us.

How do we deal with incidents?

Incidents happen, but here at Yolt we’ve implemented and perfected an ad-hoc incident response process to ensure that we’re ready when things go bananas.

Firstly, we constantly receive automated reports on our service’s performance (a.k.a. ‘panic providers’), so we’re always monitoring things like syncing issues, banks’ downtime and so on. We have 3 priority levels (P0, P1 and P2) depending on how much of an impact the issue has on the app’s functioning.

We also look out for recurring issues flagged by our users – if a number of users report the same problem simultaneously, we escalate to our techies who are available 24/7. They assess the incidents and report back to us so we can inform anyone affected.

How do we communicate with our users?

If there’s an issue, we post it on our Status Page where you can monitor our progress and set up an alert. We provide an estimate of how long it should take to fix the issue where possible.

Once we’re back fully up and running, we contact all users who have reported an issue and update our status page.

How do we learn and improve?

We treat incidents as an occasion to learn and streamline our response process. For all major bugs we write up an internal report assessing what went wrong, what we did right and what measures we need to implement to avoid this from happening again.

So this is how we work behind the scenes to keep our users happy and on top of their finances. Got any questions or suggestions for improvements? Drop us an email at hello@yolt.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!