12 Jan 2021 • 1mins •

Smart spending and saving after Brexit


The new year’s here and so are the Brexit changes to how businesses operate in the UK. As part of the required changes, Yolt will be operating under our own FCA licence and not ING’s from January 2021.

The new licence mean that you will no longer see mentions of ING on the website, app or in our communication. Instead, you’ll see references to Yolt Ltd or YTS (Yolt Technology Services Ltd) But in practice, nothing is changing.

The switch to the new licence and Yolt won’t affect your account, the safety of Yolt and your money, or how things work. But because we’ll have new licences, all Yolt users will need to reconnect their banks to update things and keep everything running smoothly. And this is done just like the regular reconnections in the app.