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Over 80% YTS coverage in Italy, France and Spain

Yolt Technology Services grows open banking offering with new bank connections covering over 80% of bank accounts in Italy, France and Spain

Leading Open Banking API provider Yolt Technology Services (YTS) expands its European offering by integrated with over 80% of Italian, French, and Spanish banks. Since launching last year, YTS now handles over 18 million API calls each week.

YTS, the leading European Open Banking provider has reached over 80% API coverage across Italy, France, and Spain. This notable growth forms part of the company’s European expansion strategy, as it extends its capabilities to build, manage and maintain AIS and PIS connections for more businesses across Europe.
This milestone follows the recent news that YTS has reached 95% API coverage in the UK, and 90% coverage in the Netherlands.

These new API connections include:

These new API connections solidifies YTS’ position as the leading Open Banking provider in Europe and the most active API service provider in the financial ecosystem, with over 18 million API calls handled per week. YTS was one of the trailblazers of Open Banking and has already completed over 650 million API calls.
YTS is committed to drive the industry forward with new connections and enhanced AIS, PIS, and value-added services for businesses across Europe.

Leon Muis, Chief Business Officer at YTS, commented:

“We’re pleased to see ever-increasing demand for API connections right across Europe, and we’re excited to be the leading provider fulfilling this need. Businesses are beginning to see the benefits that open banking can bring to their operations, and many are seizing the new opportunities it provides, going beyond existing borders.“

”Our ongoing expansion across Europe will help more businesses in different markets and sectors to invest in the future of their business and harness the benefits of open banking. Now more than ever, it’s vital that businesses use efficient technology and create a platform for future growth, and we’re working hard to empower companies to do that.”

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