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Introducing Cashflow Analyser: a new way to automate credit checks

We are delighted to announce the launch of Cashflow Analyser, an online tool that helps lenders and leasing companies leverage open banking to provide immediate insight into the cash flow of applicants.

When you are assessing the creditworthiness of an SME, retail client, or private individual applicant, you used to need to rely on time-consuming processes and/or third-party credit data. But with Cashflow Analyser, you can access your applicant’s aggregated financial data immediately.

This saves both the lender and customer valuable time, and eradicates the need for downloading and sending historical bank statements. Lenders can make more informed and faster affordability assessments. At the same time, the customer experience is improved, as customers are able to enjoy a much quicker response to their application.

Cashflow Analyser is interesting to any business that lends or leases, but may be particularly compelling for those that have experienced fluctuating sales in the wake of Covid-19 and/or those that need to frequently assess the creditworthiness of applicants with little or no credit history.


Say you are a car leasing company. You need to assess their creditworthiness of an applicant who wants to lease several cars – one for each of their employees.

Rather than deal with multiple forms and unstructured, potentially outdated information, with Cashflow Analyser you can instantly and objectively understand their financial profile. And because the data on which you are making your decisions is direct from the bank, there is greater objectivity and less risk of human error in your assessment.

Key highlights

  • Access real time and historic analysis of up to 18 months’ worth of customer transaction data.
  • No integration period or technical input is required. Lenders can access the off the shelf, white labelled solution quickly and smoothly through the YTS Cashflow Analyser portal.
  • Applicants benefit from bank-grade security and retain full control over their personal data. They have opt out options to sharing data at the beginning of the affordability assessment process, and once they’ve received a copy of the transaction data review.
  • A simple, easy-to-use flow for both applicants and businesses.

Cashflow Analyser runs on Account Information Service (AIS) technology.

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