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Jortt - an open banking case study

Find out how open banking helps put a smile on people's faces at Jortt

Some time ago, we announced that Yolt Technology Services was chosen as the open banking provider for successful Netherlands-based accounting platform Jortt. We’re now pleased to share an interview case study about how the open banking integration is going and the motivations for Jortt to implement AIS.

An integration in the hands of specialists

The integration between Jortt and the YTS API was done by Zilverline, software developers and integration specialists with a long history with Jortt. Zilverline also made the choice to work with YTS from the available open banking solutions.

So far, Zilverline has made connections with Dutch banks through the YTS API and set up the Jortt data interpretation systems to handle Account Information Services (AIS) data. The open banking connections are available to all new Jortt customers. And soon existing customers will be able to benefit as well.

Set to reap the benefits of open banking

Jortt’s main reason to switch to open banking connections was the ability to do away with the downloading and re-uploading of MT940 files with bank transaction information. By directly connecting to the bank instead, they get:

  • A guaranteed complete transaction record
  • Less time spent correcting errors
  • Guaranteed secure transfer of transaction data
  • And transaction records that are always up to date

Would you like to read more about how this integration is progressing, and the benefits for Zilverline to work with YTS? Download our pdf case study.

Join the webinar with YTS and Zilverline

On 11 November 2020, Zilverline and YTS are joining hands in a Dutch-language webinar to talk companies through the Jortt open banking integration project and how to get more out of your business with PSD2. To read more about our speakers and host and to register for the webinar, please fill out the sign-up form.

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