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Ready to go big?

When choosing an open banking provider, make sure to consider the long-term potential of the partnership

When you are launching your first open banking service, your mind may be on getting the first hundreds or even thousands of users. But it pays to keep the end goal in mind, and to select an open banking Technical Service Provider (TSP) with the capacity to scale to hundreds of thousands of users and beyond. This is the best guarantee to be able to stay with the provider you built your services with, while getting the high uptime and reliability you need.

At Yolt Technology Services (YTS), we want to be that long-term partner for you. From the beginning, we developed our API for resilience and scalability. This is how we’ve been able to grow to 2 million registered users and hundreds of millions of API calls in a little over two years, without major performance issues. Businesses of all sizes can confidently use our API for their open banking services. In this blog post, we’ll show off the technology stack that makes that possible.

Cloud-based microservices architecture

For our tech stack, YTS chose proven technology with a focus on effortless scalability.

  • Java for its ease of use and established track record.
  • Kafka as the backbone of our high-volume data processing infrastructure.
  • Cassandra as a scalable, high-performance distributed database.
  • Docker and Kubernetes for containerised development, fast deployment and scaling.
  • All hosted on AWS Cloud Computing with scale-on-demand functionality.

Together, this technology stack provides the best performance in terms of scaling: it can keep up with high volumes of calls and data transfers, and can seamlessly grow with your user base. The additional benefits of our approach are rock-solid reliability regardless of load, and easy release and deployment of software updates. This performance is something we safeguard carefully. We were even awarded the Netherlands Java User Group (NLJUG) Innovation Award for our technological approach.

The expertise that saves you time

The YTS API was built before Open Banking went into effect in the UK, and PSD2 in Europe. And we have grown ever since, connecting more and more banks and supporting increasing API loads. One thing we learned is that each bank has its own quirks, and successfully connecting to one bank does mean you can necessarily easily connect to the next. Connecting through a TSP’s API is therefore becoming even more valuable as time goes by.

Single connection, excellent coverage

Our goal with YTS is providing our clients with a single, unified way of connecting to many different banks. In other words, we care about each bank’s specific approach so you don’t have to. We’re looking forward to seeing how banks will continue to develop their open banking APIs. And as always, we’ll continue to connect them all.

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