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YTS joining the NextGen PSD2 advisory group

As a leading open banking provider, Yolt Technology Services is constantly aiming to develop open banking even further. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we joined the Berlin Group’s advisory panel for NextGenPSD2.

The advisory panel is part of the NextGenPSD2 Taskforce looking to shape the development and future adoption of PSD2 compliance in Europe.

The advisory panel represents the demand side of the market. We are joining an extensive list of open banking providers and third-party providers (TPPs) from across Europe to consult about the strategic, business and technical topics related to the use and evolution of the NextGenPSD2 standards. The advisory group aims to foster adoption of NextGenPSD2, remove potential barriers and promote pan-European engagement and collaboration – and we are happy to be able to add our views on NextGenPSD2 activities and future specification.

YTS has built a lot of experience in open banking by providing the technology behind Yolt, the smart money app. We were the first TPP to secure API connections with all nine major UK banks. Yolt continues to be a trailblazer in the consumer Open Banking space, enabling its users to view their bank accounts in one single location and gain insights into their spending and saving habits.

Leon Muis, YTS Chief Business Officer:

“The Berlin Group’s NextGenPSD2 initiative is pivotal to the development and implementation of Open Banking in Europe and we’re delighted to confirm our place on the Advisory Group where we can share our learnings, vast insights and experience to help mould future legislation.”

Source: Finextra

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