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Accounting software companies

Your customers expect real-time banking data, and with open banking, you can deliver.

With Yolt, you can pull bank data for your customers via Account Information Services (AIS) in real time. This enables you to automate processes, save time for your customers, and deliver a better experience.

Get secure, real time data via API for your customers

Today, your customers expect real time service. With Yolt’s open banking data, you no longer need to use legacy bank connections or download and upload CSV or MT940 files. Instead, you have real-time, error free data at your fingertips. And because this data is supplied via API, neither you or your customers will have any files containing sensitive financial data floating around on your desktop or email.

No need to build or get licensed in house

With Yolt, you need only one API to connect to all the banks in your market, and once connected, your connections will always be maintained. Furthermore, with Yolt there is no need to apply for a PSD2 license.

So rather than spending time and money building and maintaining connections or applying for licenses, you can invest these precious resources into building your own unique solutions powered by open banking data.

Future-proof your business

Bespoke connections will not be around forever. To stay ahead of the competition, you can move to open banking connections now, and be up and running quickly. And with a partner such as Yolt, you don’t need to be thinking only in terms of account data – you can also explore possibilities around seamless, secure, open banking payments, too.

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