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Retailers and eCommerce companies

Save up to 90% in transaction fees compared to credit and debit cards, while reducing fraud and improving the shopper experience.

With open banking payments supported by Yolt, retailers and ecommerce companies can make massive savings in fees and other hidden costs.

Increasingly preferred by shoppers

Nobody likes to go looking for their credit card details to complete a purchase. And this last step in the customer journey is also a key source of abandoned shopping carts.

With its frictionless experience that redirects the shopper to their trusted bank environment to authenticate their payment, shoppers are far less likely to abandon their purchase.

Slash your fees by up to 90%, and get your funds settled instantly

Credit card fees are complex and expensive for merchants. And that is even before fraud, chargebacks, and other hidden costs drive up the price for merchants and consumers alike.

With open banking payments, not only are transaction fees significantly lower, fraud is eliminated, since consumers use their face, fingerprint or other secure method to log in to their bank on their own device to approve transactions.

Create data-driven initiatives to build loyalty

As enthusiasm for interest free payment plans and buy now, pay later payment methods grows, merchants who do not offer these options are at risk of losing shoppers. But on the other hand, offering the right payment choices to the right shoppers is critical.

With Yolt, ecommerce companies can – with customer consent - gain a clear view into shoppers’ finances and use it to offer tailored payment plans to their shoppers.

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