Following the decision of our investor to phase out Yolt we will be winding down our services. We have informed our clients of this decision and will continue to fulfil our contractual obligations to meet clients’ expectations during this period. If you have any questions please contact

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Digital Money Managers

Automatically build financial profiles of your customer or user base.

With Yolt, digital money management providers and apps can pull rich data insights from users’ accounts and use this data to understand spending habits, build new products, and make tailored offerings.

Understand your market

Today, there is a great deal of innovation in the digital money management space, as startups and established players alike build financial products, apps and other offerings to help people spend, save, and invest more wisely.

With a complete picture of your customer’s financial profile from their main and secondary accounts, you are in a unique position to offer personalised solutions or build products that best fit your target customer.

Drive greater customer value from insights into multiple accounts

Consumers today often have a primary account in which they receive their income and manage their payments, plus secondary accounts and apps to help support their financial wellbeing.

If you offer a digital solution to help people work towards their financial goals, gaining insights into the primary account is key. But gaining insights into supporting accounts can be a game-changer, giving you unparalleled insight into how your consumers think about and manage money.

Many possibilities are yet to be discovered

Digital money management is a highly innovative space, and data is a key component of building value-added solutions.

With enriched account data from your user or customer base, you may have the information you need to build the next breakthrough solution in digital money management.

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