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Payment Service Providers

Offer open banking payments as a payment method.

With YTS, you can instantly offer Europe-wide open banking payments to your customers and their shoppers – without needing to build or maintain the connections to the banks.

Provide a key new payment method

Open banking payments – also known as account-to-account payments or Payment Initiation Services – are an instant, secure, and cost-effective payment method. With its frictionless experience that redirects the shopper to their trusted bank environment to authenticate their payment, shoppers are far more likely to complete their purchase, reducing your customers’ abandoned cart rate.

Save money on building and maintaining bank connections

With YTS, you can ensure that bank connections are always up-to-date. This is a huge savings in time and investment as banks across Europe are a patchwork of different standards and specifications on a national, sub-national, and even bank level, and payment flows, transaction lifecycles, and other issues require time to build and maintain.

Your one-stop shop for Europe-wide connections

Yolt has connections to over 600 banks Europe-wide, and we are continually adding new banks to ensure maximum coverage no matter which market your customers operate in.

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