Frequently Asked Questions

Yolt and you

  • What does Beta mean?See answer

    Launching Yolt (Beta) is an exciting phase, as we're able to open up the project to a larger but limited amount of people who will test the app. Yolt will go through a lot of changes, so expect feature improvements, updated designs, and the occasional bug fix. We encourage and thrive on the feedback of Beta testers to build a stable and fully optimised app.

  • How do I become a Beta tester?See answer

    Simply sign up on our site and you will be sent further instructions via email.

  • Who can use Yolt?See answer

    Currently, Yolt is only available in the UK. If you're aged 18 or over, all you need is a bank account and a mobile phone registered in the UK. After signing up at, you will be added to a waiting list and will receive an invite to download and test the app once a spot becomes available.

  • Do I have to pay for Yolt?See answer

    Yolt is a free app.

  • How do I report a bug?See answer

    Please send us your feedback via the in-app option from the ‘more’ tab. To make things easier, we have prefilled some information such as the version of the app and your profile ID in the footer. You can leave that as it is and add your feedback just above the text. If you still have questions, please free to email us at


  • Why do you need my feedback?See answer

    Your feedback is essential to the development of Yolt as well as shaping a product that you will find beneficial. The list of suggestions and new features to be rolled out is constantly being updated. We’ll keep you posted on what’s new with every release.

Yolt and your data

  • How secure is the app and my data?See answer

    Your security is our highest priority. Your data is safe, and we do not sell it. Your information is constantly guarded and protected. You can open the app using either your fingerprint or a personal five-digit PIN.

  • How do you handle my personal information?See answer

    We respect your privacy and personal information. Yolt has been designed to provide insights while also keeping your details and data private. We will therefore only use the information that you agreed to share with us to further develop the app and provide other useful services to you. We do not sell your data.

  • Why do you need my phone number for installing the app?See answer

    Your phone number is an easy way to verify that you’re a real person. We send you a temporary security code during onboarding that activates the app before requesting a 5-digit PIN.

  • I've forgotten my PIN, what do I do?See answer

    Due to security reasons, we cannot reset your PIN while in our Beta phase. This means you’ll have to delete and re-install Yolt and add your bank accounts again.

  • What if I want to delete my account?See answer

    If at any point you’d like to stop using Yolt, you can send an email request to We will remove your account and all your data from our systems in accordance with data protection regulation.  Your feedback on the reason why you deleted the app, would be very helpful to us.

  • Can my account be remotely deactivated?See answer

    Yes. We can do this for you. Please email us at Remember to include: Your name, phone number, and device type to verify your identity.

Yolt and your device

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