How secure is Yolt Pay?

At Yolt, safeguarding your data is one of our core values.

We respect your privacy and personal information. Yolt has been designed to provide insights while also keeping your details and data private.

Yolt Pay uses secure Open Banking APIs to initiate payments and transfers from your accounts. These functions are provided by Yolt Technology Services Limited ("YTS Limited"), authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 for the TPP Functions. You can find details on YTS at (reference number: 921127).

In order for a payment to be processed, you’re directed to your banks online banking portal to confirm the payment initiation with your bank.

Here’s an overview of our main and licenses:

• We are a registered data controller (ICO Data Protection Register in the UK)

• We are a licensed Third Party Provider (Open Banking TPP)

• We use the most up-to-date encryption technologies