How to get your recovery code

Your recovery code is a 16-character code that you need to store safely somewhere before you reinstall or log back in to your Yolt account.
Follow these simple steps to make sure you can recover your account later:
1. Head over to the Wallet tab and tap on the Settings cog on the top-left corner of the page
2. Tap on Get recovery code
3. Enter your PIN
4. Make a note of your 16-character recovery code
5. Store it in a safe place (not on your phone)
If you want to recover your account, you’ll need access to the phone number you first registered with (we will send a verification SMS to this number).

If you have to recover your account and don’t have access to your recovery code and / or password, please select the third option “last resort recovery” where you’ll be asked to recover your account by verifying your identity once again.