How to report a card as lost, stolen or damaged

If you've misplaced, lost or damaged your card and can't use it anymore, please report it as lost, stolen or damaged from the app. This will deactivate your card and immediately issue a new virtual card, which you can use while you wait for a new physical card to be sent to you.

To do this, just:

1. Head to the Wallet tab > tap on the Settings cog (top-right) > Card Settings

2. Tap on Report card lost, stolen or damaged

3. Select one of the three options

4. Hit Report & block card

Your card will be reported and blocked. This action is permanent so if you're unsure and think you might still find your card, please freeze it instead by tapping on Freeze card.

You can also call us to mark your card as Lost, Stolen or Damaged any time at 0800 130 3060.

You can now use your virtual card while a new physical card is on the way.