What is a Reward?

You can earn Rewards by shopping with Yolt's great in-app partners.

A Reward is the money saved from each offer available in Yolt. Earning Rewards on a purchase means you can get back a percentage of the money you spent on it. Say there’s an offer to get 10% on a £300 hotel stay, this means you’ll earn £30 in Rewards.

It's important to understand that you'll be shopping directly with the merchant and the merchant determines if you are granted the Reward, so Yolt accepts no liability or responsibility for Rewards that are not granted, lost, delayed or not delivered.

Once the purchase is processed, this amount is credited to your Yolt Account (or straight into your Money Jar if you've got the Cashback Collector Jar Booster turned on).

Using Yolt on Android? Your Rewards balance can be exchanged for cashback vouchers (in increments of £5).