Grow your savings with Yolt

See how good at saving you can really be – with smart tools and in-app challenges.

Meet your Money Jar

It's where round ups, cashback and other savings get stashed away, separate from your spending money. It lives alongside the Yolt Account in your Wallet, so you can see exactly what you've spent and saved.

Give your saving a little booster

Fill your Money Jar faster, with Jar Boosters. They’re smart ways to make saving automatic.

The Round Up

Save the change, with auto-enabled round ups.

The Set Saver

Pick how much cash you want to stash away, and how often.

The Cashback Collector

Pocket the cashback you earn from Yolt’s in-app offers.

Take the Money Jar Challenge

Turn pennies into pounds with the Money Jar Challenge and save at least £416 a year.* We’ll give you tips (and help keep you motivated) to boss your target and start a Saving Streak.

Think you could save even more? Why not try increasing your target?

Take saving to the next level

Feeling like a saving pro? Put your prowess to the test with Habit builders:

Save on payday

Yolt will nudge you to save whenever you get paid.

Pocket your bonus

Have a little more than usual? Yolt will prompt you to stash it away.

Set a budget

Come in under your budgets? Yolt will remind you to save the difference.

Get Rewarded

Find deals, ways to save on the essentials and treats from the brands you love. All in Yolt.

Treat yourself

Find ways to save on everything from energy bills to car insurance, and earn cashback from the brands you love – all from the Saving tab.

Fancy saving your savings? Turn on The Cashback Collector Jar Booster to pocket your earnings.

*Yolt users who complete the default £8/week Money Jar Challenge save £416 over the course of the year.