KYC Troubleshooting

How to get your account verified... Say Cheese!

Why is Identity Verification needed?

Basically, we need to verify that you are who you say you are. Your submission is validated against policies imposed on us under AML financial service regulations. KYC enables Yolt to be kept safe and will support the development of even more features to improve your Yolt experience.

Tips for taking a selfie

Look straight to the camera

Don’t cover your face

Keep your eyes open and do not wear sunglasses

Ensure it’s only you in the picture

Make sure your hair isn’t covering your face

Make sure that you’re taking the picture in a well-lit room

You cannot take a picture of a picture of yourself - it must be a live selfie.

Tips for taking a valid photo of your ID.

Ensure all 4 corners of your document are visible

Make sure you take a picture of both sides when prompted in-app

Do not take a picture of a picture (e.g. photocopy or scanned image of your passport)

Please double check that your security features are visible (e.g. hologram)

The text is not blurry in the picture

What documents can I use to support my submission?

Please click here

Other issues that may prevent your submission being accepted

Verifying your identity on your new Yolt account.

If you've already gone through our verification process on a previous Yolt account, we'll need to match your previous account to your new one before accepting your submission. You can also try with a different form of ID or get in touch with our team who will assist you.

Please confirm the following information so we can verify your request is genuine and allow you to go through the identity verification process again:

1. Please let us know the month and year you downloaded Yolt?

2. Please tell me how many banks you have connected to Yolt?

3. Please let me know the banks (Barclays current account) you have connected to Yolt?

Submission in progress for longer than 24 hours.

KYC submissions are reviewed between Monday to Friday 6am - 10pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am – 8pm. Once submitted, you’ll receive a notification to let you know if your submission was successful, rejected or if more information is required. If you haven't heard back from us, please get in touch and the team will happily assist you.

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