Research from Yolt

We’re on a mission to empower everyone to be smart with their money - and that means giving you the tools you actually want and need. So everything we do is supported by good old-fashioned research. Whether from our team at Yolt or working with experts in finance and education, we’re led by the facts. And here’s where you can see all the insights we uncover – we share our research with you too.

Are you in the Green?

We’ve all heard of being in the red or being in the black, but we think people deserve more from their money. That’s why we’re introducing a new financial state of being: It’s time to be in the Green.

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Black Friday

2020 is quickly coming to a close, but while a lot has changed this year, Black Friday and festive budgets are set to be bigger than ever. Dive into our latest research and find out how Yolt can help you save, even during the season of spending.

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