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Account Information Services

Accurate, complete transaction data to enhance user experience and increase your market share

Open banking APIs for Account Information Services (AIS) provide the ability to extract individual or company transaction and balance data from multiple accounts. For ease of use and optimum security, open banking APIs leverage bank-side authentication and consent processes. Whether you’re a bank expanding your online services, a Fintech with an ambitious dream or a lender looking to lower your costs and risks while providing optimal services, Yolt AIS is a valuable addition to your business.

Your user provides consent for you to retrieve their transactions and balance data

The user is automatically redirected to their bank to authenticate access

Yolt fetches transactions, balance data and can apply data science models for delivery for you

Aggregate transaction and balance data with multibank overviews

Engage and retain your customers with the power of account aggregation. With a single, aggregated view of bank account transactions and balances from multiple accounts, AIS enhances functionality and user experience, making it a great way to increase the adoption rates or launch your MVP. The Yolt API does not rely on any legacy methods of acquiring banking data; we’re a pure Open Banking API provider, supporting a fast time to market and with the option to scale quickly.

Increase your value with the highest quality transaction data

Tailored user insights, projections and risk underwriting all start with meaningful, high-quality data. With the Yolt Account Information Services API, you can retrieve transaction and balance information directly from your customer’s bank accounts, with their consent.

Trained on data from the Yolt app user base of >1.5ml registered users, Yolt data algorithms provide transaction categorization ‘out of the box’ and with >95% accuracy. Merchant recognition and payment cycle detection are also included in our AIS offering.

Reduce turnaround time and default risk

For lenders, a thorough creditworthiness check is critical to cover default and fraud risks. That can lead to long turnaround times. With AIS, your customers’ transaction data is guaranteed to be authentic and complete, without the need for bank statements.

Save time and money

Yolt makes, manages and maintains your Open Banking and PSD2 API connections, freeing up your developers for your other business-critical tasks.

Rely on bank-level security

Yolt boasts an up-to-date service built to the security standards of a major bank. We are licensed by the Dutch National Bank (DNB) and can be found on the FCA register.

Pricing structure

Whether you’re an established financial institution or an ambitious tech startup, our pricing structure caters to business goals of all sizes and budgets.

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