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Gain accurate insights into applicant finances with Cashflow Analyser

Cashflow Analyser is an online tool that helps lenders and leasing companies leverage open banking to provide immediate insight into the cash flow of your applicants.

When you are assessing the creditworthiness of an SME, retail client, or private individual lease or loan applicant, you used to need to rely on time-consuming processes and/or third-party credit data. But with Cashflow Analyser, you can access your applicant’s aggregated financial data immediately, and make objective decisions about their financial situation.

Say you are a car leasing company. You need to assess their creditworthiness of an applicant who wants to lease several cars – one for each of their employees. Rather than deal with multiple forms and unstructured, outdated, and potentially inaccurate data, with Cashflow Analyser you can instantly and objectively understand their financial profile.

How it works for your applicant

The applicant receives an email with the invitation to share their bank data.

They log in to their own bank environment to approve the request.

The report is generated, and the applicant approves to share it with you.

How it works for you

  1. You log into the Cashflow Analyser portal and invite the applicant to share their bank details.
  2. Once the applicant approves sharing the cashflow report, you can see it in on screen in the Cashflow Analyser environment or download it as a CSV file for your convenience.


You benefit from:

  • Up-to-date and reliable applicant data directly from the bank.
  • An out-of-the-box solution that requires no installation, no development work, and has no data risk.
  • Simple, easy-to-use flows for both you and the applicant.
  • No GDPR risk, since the solution only shows minimal data, in the form of monthly incoming and outgoing total amounts. The report is stored, until the lender/leaser deletes it or on request of the applicant.

Find out more

We developed the Cashflow Analyser in collaboration with data and analytics provider Graydon, due to the company’s expertise and experience in assessing the financial health of companies.

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