10 Sep 2020 • 5mins • Gemma Fisher

11 ways you can use your Yolt Account and Card to level up your money management

11 ways you can use your Yolt Account and Card to level up your money management
Paying for a coffee with the ice-white, contactless Yolt Card

Your sleek contactless Yolt debit Mastercard® isn’t just a pretty face - it packs some pretty handy features too. Here's how it helps you spend smart, grow your savings and reach your goals…

1. Top up your Yolt Account and use it as your monthly total budget

Set a monthly budget for your everyday spending with Yolt’s digital prepaid account. Just top it up with spending money for the month, and use your Yolt Card online and in store. Check your balance and all of your transactions at a glance right from the Yolt app, whether you’re at home or on the go.

2. Save while you spend through round ups on every purchase

The Yolt Account helps you save while you spend. Just make sure you’ve switched on The Round Up Booster and Yolt will automatically save the change from every purchase. Best of all, it stashes it away automatically into your Money Jar, separate from your spending money. Before you know it, you’re turning pennies into pounds.

3. Get started right away with your virtual card, included free with every Yolt Account

Your virtual Yolt Card for online payments comes with its own unique details, separate from your physical card. This means you can get started with it right away for online shopping, while you wait for your physical card in the post. Once your physical card arrives, your virtual card will be automatically deactivated - you don't have to do anything.

4. Use it alongside your other accounts and cards - all in the Yolt app

We’re not here to replace your bank - we’re here to make banking better. That’s why there’s no switching necessary when you get a Yolt Account. Instead you can sign up for free, wherever you bank. Connect your other accounts in Yolt for one view of your financial world.

5. See exactly what you’ve spent and what you’ve saved in the Wallet tab

Speaking of your Money Jar… it makes it really easy to see exactly what you’ve spent and what you’ve saved. Just head to the Wallet tab in the app to see your Yolt Account and Money Jar, side by side.

6. Illuminate your finances (and we don’t just mean with the glow-in-the-dark logo)

It’s true, your Yolt Card logo glows in ultra-violet light, but your Yolt app sheds a light on your spending and saving too. Chock full of handy stats and insights, it’s easier than ever to see where your money’s really going (and how it’s growing), not only across your Yolt Account, but your connected accounts and credit cards too.

7. Save at least £416* a year with the Money Jar challenge

Take saving while you spend to a new level with the Money Jar Challenge. Set a weekly target, switch on Jar Boosters and see how much you can save through round ups, cashback and more.

*By completing the default £8 weekly challenge, you’ll stash away £416 over a year. Think you can smash it? You can set your target higher and save even more.

8. Save with special deals and rewards in Yolt

If you’ve got your eye on something or just like to keep an eye out for a good deal, make sure to check for special in-app offers just for Yolt users. You can browse them all from your Saving tab, and best of all, you can stash any cashback and savings right into your Money Jar. That’s smart spending in action.

9. Put your card on ice if it goes missing

If you misplace your card, you can ‘freeze’ it in a couple of taps from the Yolt app, giving you time to track it down. If you still can’t find it, you can easily request a new card from the app – your first replacement card is on us.

10. Easily split the bill with friends or send them a nudge to pay you back

Yolt comes with all kinds of ways to easily move money from and between your various accounts. Best of all? Settling up with friends, like rent or dinner at your favourite restaurant. When the Yolt app detects a large restaurant transaction, it’ll even ask if you’d like to send a (friendly) payment request to friends.

11. Know what to do next with personalised Yolt Tips based on your spending

The more you use your Yolt Card, the more the app personalises itself to you. Check your Saving tab for smart tips, like saving on your energy provider or other easy tricks to get you into the habit of saving.

Want to get your hands on your on Yolt Account and Card? It's rolling out for existing users now.

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