10 Sep 2020 • 7mins • Yolt

21 top tips to master your money from season to season


Stay on track and do more with your money from season to season with our quick tip money guide – this year and every year!


1. Buy in season and save

This one applies just about every time of year – buying produce locally and in season costs less and tastes best! Luckily, autumn comes with tons of amazing seasonal fruits and veggies grown right here at home.

2. Start your Christmas budgeting early

From mapping out a rough budget to hitting up some Autumn sales, kickstarting your Christmas plans early can save you a ton in the long run. Money expert, Andy Webb, shared some of his top tips for Christmas saving right here on the Yolt blog.

3. Insulate your home to save on heating bills

Yep, we’re on the energy saving theme again. Insulation stripping and draft stoppers go a long way. If you have a pet door, you can get insulation kits for those, too!

4. Be a Black Friday expert

Black Friday sales kick off at the end of November – make the most of them by setting a plan. Think about what you actually need, like some of your Christmas gifts. Otherwise, you can end up overspending on stuff you don’t need.

5. Look into switching energy providers ahead of winter

There’s no better cue than that first crisp Autumn day to get you thinking about the colder months ahead. Look for better deals in Yolt via our provider, MoneySuperMarket.


6. Switch off and save on your electricity bill

Draw the curtains, open the windows and take advantage of all that amazing natural light. Your electricity bill will thank you, and all that vitamin D is pretty great, too.

7. Keep an eye on your spending on sunny days

Lots of studies have looked into the effect sunshine plays on our spending habits. According to one experiment, just being exposed to sunny weather makes us willing to pay more for everything from orange juice to plane tickets! You can easily check in on your spending across different categories and merchants with Yolt – day by day or month by month!

8. Opt for a staycation

Ever notice your travel budget always seems to run over? Well, you’re definitely not alone! If you’re looking to cut back and save this summer, staying home and soaking up all that your own city has to offer could save you some serious cash.

9. Bring a handy reusable water bottle for the warm weather

Here’s another top tip to save money – and the environment – this summer. A tenner for one reusable water bottle or a £1.50 every time you need to rehydrate? Easy maths!

10. Pack a picnic and save on lunch at work

There’s nothing worse than eating lunch at your desk every day, so save some money by packing a lunch and head out and enjoy the beautiful weather throughout the work week.

11. Turn down the hot water

The average person will spend over £85 on showers every year. If you’re sharing with flat mates or family, that bill quickly adds up over the months. So, save up for the winter hot water binge, and turn down the temperature in the warmer months. Plus, nothing beats a cool shower on a hot evening to chill you out.


12. Buy energy saving light bulbs

The Winter Solstice usually falls around December 20th, and is the shortest day of the year. Naturally everyone keeps the lights on for longer, but that wreaks havoc on your energy bills! Try fitting out your place with energy efficient bulbs, more light and they last longer, too.

13. Buy a jumper and /or put your heating on a timer

Save on your heating bill this winter with a few quick hacks. If it’s not too cold outside, you can always opt for a jumper instead of turning to the thermostat. For the really cold months, look into investing in a timer to match your schedule.

14. ​Don’t wait until the last minute to start your Christmas shopping

You can save money – and stress – but setting aside some time for planning and shopping before you hit the Christmas rush. Giving yourself enough time also means no missing out on the things you really need or want for the festive season.

Fintech tip: Try using Yolt tags to organise, search, and monitor how much you’re spending on everything #Christmas, from groceries to gifts.

15. Set a money New Year’s resolution

With winter comes a new year, and lots of new opportunities and goals along with it! Think about setting a money related resolution, like budgeting better for something important to you. We checked in with some of the Yolt community, here are just a few of the things they're budgeting for in 2018!

16. If you’re retiring your bike for winter, save on transport with a rail card!

There are lots of different deals depending on your personal circumstances, based on age, region, and more. A few minutes of research could help you save that little bit more on every journey!


17. Start your taxes early so you don’t get caught out

Tax deadlines always manage to sneak up every April. Make sure you’re up to date on any tax requirements that might relate to you, especially if you’re self-employed, so you don’t get hit with any fines. And, if you’re lucky, maybe you’re even looking at a nice tax return!

18. Book your summer holidays now!

Ok, so we may have suggested a staycation back at the beginning of this blog, but if you’ve got your heart set on a great escape in the summer, start looking for good deals asap! Lots of websites, like Skyscanner, let you set up a price drop alert, so you can keep an eye out for better rates.

19. Set up a pension and watch your savings blossom

Spring is a time of new beginnings and growth! If you haven’t yet, look into starting a pension, so you can save long term – from season to season and year to year! Thanks to compound interest, there’s no better time to start your pension than right here and now.

20. Save on transport by cycling or walking when you can

From petrol fees to rail cards, transport is one of the highest spending categories in Yolt. So, if you’re able, switching up your commute in the spring thaw could save you a ton. Plus, it’s not only great for your transport budget, but for your health and the environment, too. Worried about the rain? Nab yourself a mudguard, so you can save on transport rain or shine! (We give these away once in a while, so keep an eye on our twitter channel for news!)

21. Spring clean your money

As we were saying about new beginnings…every once in a while, it helps to step back and delve deep into your money status, from facing the reality of your daily outgoings to checking-in on any direct debits or subscriptions.

So, there you have it, 21 top tips to take you through the year! Have we missed any good ones? Tweet us yours at @getyolt. And don’t forget to give Yolt a try for yourself, so you can do more with your money from day to day, season to season, and year to year!