10 Sep 2020 • 4mins • Yolt

9 money life hacks you didn’t know you could do with Yolt


At Yolt we want to empower you with your money, so you can do more, smash your goals, and focus on the things that matter most. That’s why we’re on a mission to make Yolt the only money app you need, from smarter spending to carefully selected partners and deals catered to you.

So, if you thought Yolt was just another budgeting app, have a look through these top tips and features to take your Yolt experience further – and your money goals, too!

1. See the bigger picture by setting your ‘Total Balance’

This handy feature sits right at the top of your dashboard, giving you a quick glance of your total spending power. You can select which accounts to include and even subtract upcoming debits – no getting caught out with those gym memberships and energy bills!

2. Look for better energy deals – you could save an average of £200!

Speaking of energy bills, are yours looking a little high? Our friends at Runpath make it easier than ever to look for better energy deals. According to the Department of Energy & Climate Change, you could be looking at a £200 saving by switching. Find this handy tool in the ‘Track Bills’ section of the app.

3. Stay on target every month with your ‘Left to Spend’

Your ‘Total Balance’ lets you know where you’re at with your money, but your ‘Left to spend’ tile makes it easier to stay on target – each and every month! You can pick a monthly start date (so you’re not limited to the first of the month) and how much you aim to spend. You can set this handy tile on your dashboard!

Spending History Charts

4. Track your monthly progress with Spending History Charts

Another great tile, Spending History Charts give you a bright and beautiful visual of your spending fluctuations – category by category, month by month. With over 21 categories, you can pick and choose as many as you’d like to feature on your dashboard.

5. Curate your home screen by customising your dashboard

Speaking of your dashboard, there are loads of ways to customise it, so you can have a clear and personalised view of your spending. Just tap ‘Customise dashboard’ at the bottom of your screen to pick and choose different tiles that you’d like to see every time you login to Yolt. From ‘Left to spend,’ to your top categories and merchants of the month, just add or remove which ever ones you like!

6. Customise your spending categories with tags

The customization doesn’t stop at your dashboard. There are over 21 different categories to track your spending with, but you can also use tags to name, organize and search your transactions, from #HolidayPlanning to #Pets! You can even use emojis! #:relaxed: To start tagging, just tap a transaction and then the ‘notes’ section at the bottom of the screen.

Yolt Transaction Tagging 1

7. Make Yolt smarter by re-categorising your transactions

Want to move all of your workday meals from ‘Eating out’ to ‘Lunch’? You can easily re-categorise any transaction to any other category. You can also ask Yolt to re-categorise all similar transactions right there and then. Going forward, Yolt will remember to organise all future transactions accordingly! The more you use Yolt, the smarter it gets.

8. Monitor your bills or find those sneaky direct debits

According to the latest research, the average person could lose over £30,000 over their life time to untracked direct debits! Use your ‘Bill Tracker’ to monitor upcoming bills and expenses, stay on top of their renewal dates, and even find any direct debits you completely forgot about. Head to your Bill Tracker in the Actions tab to set them up – Yolt will pick out any likely recurring transactions in lightning speed, so set up is quick and easy.

Insight Cards 3

9. Understand your spending by checking your daily insights

As the smart thinking money app, Yolt makes understanding your spending super simple with daily insights. From your month's top merchants and categories to upcoming bills, you can find these handy insights at the top of your dashboard whenever you login.