10 Sep 2020 • 3mins • Gemma Fisher

Here’s how you can boss your budgets with the Yolt app

Here’s how you can boss your budgets with the Yolt app
Boss your budgets with Yolt anywhere - at home or on the go.

When it comes to taking control of your finances, budgeting is key. And while you might not think of it, it’s one of the first steps toward saving too. So whether you’re looking to free up money for a rainy-day fund, stash some cash for Christmas, or save for something big (or small), you can use Yolt to boss your budgets like a pro.

1. Use your Yolt Account to manage your everyday spending

Set a monthly budget for your everyday spending – and stick to it – with Yolt’s digital prepaid account. Just top it up with your spending money for the month, and use your Yolt Card online and in store. Best of all, with The Round Up booster ticking along, you’ll automatically stash away the spare change from every purchase – straight into your Money Jar. Nice.

2. Connect your other accounts and track spending across them all

Use different accounts for different types of spending? If you’re using your Yolt Account for daily purchases, a current account for getting paid, and another for tracking your bills, have no fear! You can connect them all to Yolt for one clear view of everything, all from your Yolt Wallet.

3. Set a Total Budget on your dashboard

Once you’ve got your accounts connected, you can set a Total Budget from your Yolt Dashboard. Then select which accounts you want to include, and stay on top of all your spending easily. You’re on your way to budgeting like a boss.

4. Set budgets for your various expenses

Now you’ve got your Yolt Account and your Total Budget working for you, break down your budgeting further with monthly targets across all of your different expenses. Groceries? Check. Shopping? Check? Kids, Pets, Petrol? Check, check, check! Set as many budgets as you like – there are over 30 to choose from.

5. Join a Budget Challenge and save what you don’t spend

If you’re trying to cut back so you can save more money, this one’s for you! Start a Budget Challenge for any (or all) of your budgets. If you’re under budget by the end of the month, Yolt will remind you to stash away whatever you have left!

6. Switch on budget nudges so you stay on track

If you tend to go over budget, turn on Yolt’s notifications and the app will give you a nudge if you’re getting close to your budget limit. That makes it all the easier to stash what’s left at the end of the month. Before you know it, you’re not just bossing your budgets, but smashing you saving goals, too!

Ready to join the budgeting big league? Find out more about budgeting with Yolt.