10 Sep 2020 • 4mins • Yolt

Finspiration: The Yolt team chats with world traveller, Fariya


Finspiration: n. That buzz of inspiration you get when someone smashes their money goals. Our Finspiration interview series explores that very feeling, tapping into real money stories from the Yolt community and beyond.

For this edition of Finspiration, we’re chatting with world traveller and Yolt power user, Fariya!

Thanks for chatting with us! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself to share with the Yolt community?

Fariya: Sure. I’m a serial mover; I’ve been in London 5 years, before which I was in Dubai for 1.5, before which I was in London for 6 months… you get the picture! 😊 I’ve worked in advertising the whole time, mostly on mobile, and my proudest moment has been when I helped a fast food client talk to customers about Pokemon Go.

Your intro to Yolt was pretty unique – care to share a bit about that?

Fariya: A year and a half ago I was asked if I wanted to work on this new brand— an app that wasn’t yet launched, which promised to change the way people looked at (or didn’t look at!) their money. With all the developments in Fintech recently, I wanted to find out more about what these guys do, and once I downloaded the app and started seeing insights for spends from months ago, I knew that this was something I could really see helping people and myself. We’ve been working with Yolt for about a year since then and both the brand and the team have grown massively!

Have you got a money goal – a finspiration, so to speak?

Fariya: It might sound counterintuitive, but one of my finspirations is to spend money “better”. By that I mean that I want to stop spending on the things that are just convenient, or easy, and instead spend on things that genuinely bring me pleasure. That means less money on clothes, and more on city trips, less money on takeout pizza, and more on personal care.

Have you got a plan for reaching that goal – or any tips for other people saving for something similar?

Fariya: With personal care specifically, I’ve got a budget set-up for myself where I make sure to spend that amount every month. That’s my tip to be honest- rather than focusing on “can’t” and “shouldn’t”, move your focus to what would you like to have and do, and then it becomes much easier to move your spend around.

What’s the top thing you’ve achieved since you started using Yolt?

Fariya: My single biggest accomplishment was being able to take a trip to Japan this year without it massively impacting my savings. Using Yolt I had already established where my money was being wasted in the previous months, and by setting myself a goal with this trip, I managed to slowly save enough that during my visit, I focused on having fun, instead of worrying about how much money was being spent.

Fariya Uses Yolt To Spend Better

When it comes to money, our mission is to take away the hard work so you can focus on enjoying life. What does enjoying life mean for you?

Fariya: I’m obsessed with travel; one of the reasons I love London is because Europe is at your doorstep. I love the feeling of bringing a bag into work on Friday, knowing that you’re about to get on a flight for a whirlwind 2 days in a brand new city.

Just for fun – if you won the lottery, what would you do?

Fariya: I would run away to Southeast Asia for a few months, and then invest in a wildly impractical bit of education: a PhD in Puns perhaps.

One last question - how would you describe your relationship with money? How has that changed over the years?

Fariya: The last 5 years have been an education in financial independence, and how liberating but also stressful that can be. Most recently I think I’ve weaned myself off of the unrestrained excitement of finally having and spending money that I earn, and started thinking of it as something that I can use to make my life now and in the future, better.

This interview has been edited for concision and clarity.